Home-cooked comfort food should taste like a warm hug.

Have you ever smelled a scent and it takes you back to your childhood? For me it’s garlic and onions sauteed in olive oil. Cooking is a warm place for me, a happy place. I try to put that same warmth, happiness & love into everything I cook. I want every bite to feel like a warm hug.

Hungry for comforting soul food? I can cook that for you!

I love to cook for people and offer three flexible options for Baltimore, Maryland residents who want to enjoy what I have to offer. 

Private Dining Experience

Let me create a customized 3-course meal for your next anniversary or special event

Baltimore, MD

Weekly Meals To Go

Week of January 16

Shrimp Scampi

Family Style Catering

Bring my family style home-cooked comforts to your next gathering or event

Meet the Chef

Hi! I’m Lindsay Jiggetts, the chef and writer behind The Wineaux Mom.

I started TWM as a resource for fellow wine lovers. I love sharing about the differences in wines, taste testing, and seeing if that $57 bottle is really better than the $7 bottle (I usually prefer the latter!) And of course, I love suggesting the best wine to go with your comfort dinners.

As I’ve grown my home cooking business, I’ve had the opportunity to feed so many amazing couples and families. I’d love to cook for you, too!

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