Customized multi-course meals in your own cozy space - perfect for your next anniversary.

The goal of my private dining experience to bring you a superior quality dinner within the comfort of your own home. (Think 5-star meal, but without the fancy jacket, stuffiness, or wait times.)


How does the customized menu work?

When you book your private dining experience, we will sit together and plan the exact meal that you desire. Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions? Not a problem! We will make sure the menu not only meets but exceeds all of your needs and wishes.

Would you prefer the meal cooked in-home? Perfect, that is our specialty! Would you prefer the meal prepared beforehand and dropped off? Perfect we can do that too.*

*If you choose steak for an entrée, steaks are better prepared on site vs done prior to drop off.

Example of a Pescatarian 4-Course Menu with Drink Pairings:

SOUP: Cumin Black Bean Soup

APPETIZER: Grilled Jumbo Shrimp over a Charred Pineapple Sauce

ENTREE: Crab Stuffed Salmon with Honey Glazed Carrots & Roasted Garlic Broccolini

DESSERT: Bananas Foster a la mode

CUSTOM COCKTAIL: Aged Bourbon Old Fashioned(s)

WINE BOTTLE PAIRING: A Barrel Aged Chardonnay from Umbria, Italy